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Kebhinekaan Citarasa dan Aroma kopi nusantara

Kebhinekaan Citarasa dan Aroma kopi nusantara

Sejarah kopi di dunia
Sejarah kopi dapat ditelusuri jejaknya dari sekitar abad ke-9, di dataran tinggi Ethiopia. Dari sana lalu menyebar ke Mesir dan Yaman, dan kemudian pada abad limabelas menjangkau lebih luas ke Persia, Mesir, Turki dan Afrika utara.

Pada awalnya kopi kurang begitu diterima oleh sebagian orang. Pada tahun 1511, karena efek rangsangan yang ditimbulkan, dilarang penggunaannya oleh para imam konservatif dan othodoks di majelis keagamaan di Makkah. Akan tetapi karena popularitas minuman ini, maka larangan tersebut pada tahun 1524 dihilangkan atas perintah Sultan Selim I dari Kesultanan Utsmaniyah Turki. Di Kairo, Mesir, larangan yang serupa juga disahkan pada tahun 1532, di mana kedai kopi dan gudang kopi ditutup.

Dari dunia Muslim, kopi menyebar ke Eropa, di mana minuman ini menjadi populer selama abad ke-17. Orang Belanda adalah yang pertama kali mengimpor kopi dalam skala besar ke Eropa, dan pada suatu waktu menyelundupkan bijinya pada tahun 1690, karena tanaman atau biji mentahnya tidak diijinkan keluar kawasan Arab. Ini kemudian berlanjut pada penanaman kopi di Jawa oleh orang Belanda.

Modern Dental Clinic Design

Nowadays a good interior design is not only applied in residential occupancy buildings, even hospitals and clinics now take advantage of interior design to create a comfortable atmosphere in the patient. Neither dental clinic, dental clinic or commonly known as the dental clinic is also desperately need a touch interior. How do dental clinic interior design? here are examples of interior images dental clinic with modern concepts. Interior design of modern dental clinic designed by Tiago Santos Andrade from Arquitectura 38n9w called "Inside A Smile" it looks so elegant and comfortable. The dental clinic has an atmosphere that is truly unique, you feel go into another dimension when it comes to here. It is colored with green and orange vinyl floor, looks amazing. Here you can see the floorplan for more detail about this design. when you become a patient at the clinic then you feel yourself at home.

Litex 686 LED Curing and Whitening

One more outstanding product from Dentamerica, series Litex 686 LED Curing and Whitening unit offers various advantages and convenience. Friendly space structure design makes it like having two tools in one simple package, saving space without sacrificing functionality.Based LED with light intensity up to 2000 mW/cm2. Litex 686 LED provides better efficiency than bulb-based light curing. LED can last up to 50,000 hours so it does not need a replacement bulb.Curing time is very short, only need 3 seconds! tumpatan to harden the material to a depth of 4 mm, compared with conventional curing unit that needs 10-20 seconds.Tumpatan composite materials tend to shrink (shrinkage) at high light intensities are applied directly, the dentist will usually use the techniques of radiation from some distance away and then brought to tumpatan to reduce the effect of shrinkage on tumpatan. Litex 686 is not required on these techniques, dentistry tool has the effect of soft start, beginning with a lower intensity then topped off with a higher intensity.Litex 686 has the function of whitening, the teeth bleaching techniques that are designed to whiten the entire anterior teeth can be rotated 360 degrees will be very easy for dentists in treating patients.

PowerVac G

The PowerVac G energy-efficient dental vacuum utilizes an intelligent energy management system. The PowerVac G has the intelligence to monitor vacuum demand and only provide the vacuum as necessary. This results in energy savings of up to 83 percent, noise reduction as low as 48dBa and heat reduction of up to 30 percent. In addition, the PowerVac G has a waterless design, saving dental practices up to 240,000 gallons of water a year.

Root ZX mini

Apex locator is present as the best-selling products now exist in the form of a mini. This device has in common with the old but with technology products that have been proven 97.5% accurate. Root ZX mini has a size of 4 "x 2 1/3" and can be put on the table or elsewhere for treatment time. the LCD screens are very bright and contrast tinggi.Sama like conventional model, Root ZX mini has 3 programmable memory settings. Other features include: shock resistance, automatic calibration, and power off function.

White In One Hour

"Smile someone will usually wider and brighter if more white teeth because he's confident," joked drg. Henny Susanty, Chief Expert at SmileXpress Smile Teeth Whitening Studio, Plaza Indonesia. Not without reason the Henny said. According to the research of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7 percent of adults believe that a smile is the most important asset in the association and 96 percent of adults believe that a smile can add to the allure. So, no wonder if many people are willing to spend more to whiten her teeth. Unfortunately, most people think twice about doing this procedure because the process is long and can not stand the pain that usually occurs after whitening teeth. In SmileXpress own, tooth whitening is done with the latest methods and tools are made ​​in just one hour.

Henny explained, prior to treatment, patients will be interviewed about the condition of his teeth. Among other things, whether the sensitive teeth and suffered gaging reflex. Then, the color of the patient's teeth will be matched with a tooth shade chart. Appropriate color to be photographed together with your teeth as a benchmark. Patients were also required to wear goggles to prevent eye damage. Dental patients also cleaned first with sand and polishing the tooth surface and the gingival dried. Next, the doctor will apply the gingival protection gel, and shine a light curing for 20-30 seconds so that the gel hardens and gingival protected.

Afterwards, cheek rectrator paired so that the patient's mouth to open mouth fully and whitening procedures can be done perfectly. Teeth whitening gel and then smeared dilaser for ten minutes. Teeth with laser irradiation is usually done 3-4 times, depending on the color of the patient's teeth and the desired level of whiteness. At every pause with laser irradiation, terlelebih aspirated fluid in the mouth first and whitening gel is applied again. After the teeth whitening procedure, the patient will usually feel pain but on a small scale and disappear in 1-2 days.

So how long teeth whitening results will last? "Teeth whitening methods and tools can last up to 2-3 years," said explained the best graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Trisakti in 2002's. Condition, patients should avoid excessive consumption of tea, coffee, wine, or cigarettes. Patients are also advised to avoid tea, coffee, wine, or cigarettes at least two days to a week after treatment. But, do not worry if the back teeth discolored. "It could be improved with maintenance every 4-6 months," said Henny.

Henny insists that every person after the color of the teeth whitening teeth definitely different. "Some types of teeth whitening dramatically in just a few days, while other types of teeth may require several weeks. Yellow teeth bleached easier than gray teeth, and tooth-colored due to tetracycline (antibiotic) will be more difficult whitened, "said Henny. Except pregnant and lactating mothers, teeth whitening with this method can be done by anyone as long as it is aged 16 years and over. "The younger the tooth, the result will be more brilliant," Henny said with a smile.

Dental Nurse and Infection Risk

In a room that is not so great with crude equipment, Son almost every day treating patients who come into place with dental problems. The 30-year-old man claimed to be an expert on the teeth. He has to his profession since 2004 and set up practice in East Jakarta.Son said, skills that he acquired while attending courses taught by a tekniker teeth in 2001 set in Mojokerto. Tekniker, he said, is a fellow of the dentists who used to make dentures, and all things related to dental health.Patients were treated Son countless number. But of all patients who came, many parents are already quite advanced age. They usually come to be made dentures. "Yes, it's most often grandparents are coming," he added.Son is quite aware that the work he is doing is not without health risks. In dealing with each patient, he admitted that he has always done very carefully. According to Son, there are some things that can not be handled by experts among the teeth, fillings, tooth extraction, and memberisihkan tartar. Even to put the dentures, the son admitted that not just put it up."When you put up false teeth also look at the condition of dental patients. Problem, the dentist did not act recklessly, because the basics are there," he explained.
For many years in the profession, Son claimed there never was a problem with pelangannya. "Thank God all this time no one complains," added the man of this child.
When asked about the license to practice tooth has lived, Son said that his office had received permission from ASTAGIRI (Asossiasi Artisan Dental Self). According son once a month, usually dental experts often hold meetings. One of the content of the meeting was the agreement, dental experts advised not to revoke, and patches.
Then, what about the mounting brackets or braces? Does a dentist may perform installation of braces? Son himself until recently claimed to have never done. He reasoned that if fitting stirrup is the duty of a dentist and authority.
In different places, Revelation who also works as an expert even admitted telh dental braces used to install. Patients who come in also varied, ranging from just a fad until that is in trouble with his teeth.The usual rate charged for the installation stirrup Revelation varies from USD 1.5 to USD 2.5 million. Especially for upper teeth only, Revelation fix the price of Rp 800 thousand. Price is certainly much cheaper than someone to dental specialists.
Revelation claims, the principle does work with a dentist is not much different. Even he can guarantee that the teeth can be neat as long as a routine control. "Put stirrup, if the same doctor here at all. Result must be the same," he said.
But there's one thing that distinguishes the dentist and the dentist. "The difference is that in the physician, there must be teeth removed, if we do not," he added.
To control post-installation stirrup, Rev. usually ask the patient to come in at least once a month. For once it comes control, a patient will be charged Rp 50 thousand. As for the cost of cleaning the brackets, and replace the rubber off, the price is set relatively the same.
Merry, one dental expert service user said, if the cost of installation is much cheaper stirrup at the dentist than have to go to the doctor. He was not worried if something goes wrong with his teeth. "If you can find a cheaper better, why not?" he said.
It should be dealt with
In response to the rampant practice of dental worker, Chairman of Indonesian Dentists Association (PDGI) drg. Zaura Rini Matram demanding oversight and tougher action against the government dental professional handyman acting outside the bounds of authority.
The government has set limits artisan dental practice as part of health care by the Minister of Health No.. 339 of 1989 concerning the authority of handyman work gear.
In one of the articles says that builders teeth in his work is authorized in terms of making a removable denture karilik partial or full removable denture and install.
"Looking ahead, builders advocate PDGI teeth should be deleted and removed from society. Community must know, there are limits that should not be done handyman teeth," said Rini.
PDGI reasoned, dental handyman services that exist today are not based on an understanding and application of science and technology in dentistry.
"It took a long education, because we are working on a live network, relating to the health of the whole body," he explained.
Risk of infection
He added that the installation of braces that is currently emerging in doing handyman teeth also strongly opposed PDGI. If this is done by those who are not competent, then it could bring more severe side effects in patients.
Effects range from the mild infection of the gums to the deeper tissue that causes swelling in the bone. In addition, there is the risk of abnormal tissue growth, direction can result in malignancy.
Not only that, improper handling can result in other infectious diseases. For example, pregnant women can lead to premature birth and babies born with low birthweight.
'A tooth is very harmful to society, PDGI requested that this rule be implemented and enforced. For public health problem, PDGI not want to compromise, "he concluded.